Who is the load and performance tester?

Testers do the bulk of the “grunt” work needed to move your application towards better performance. They provide accurate measurements in a timely manner. The accuracy and relevancy of their tests helps drive Management, Developers and Production towards measurement-driven thinking. Engineering rather than guesswork. When the role of the tester is misunderstood then the sloppily executed, poorly reported, or untimely, slow to emerge test data is often thrown out and disregarded by the very groups it is intended to help.

Important qualities, therefore, for load and performance testers include:

  • a dedication to accuracy and precision
  • a sense that they are communicating to the entire organization, not only merely verifying their tests.
  • flexibility to work overtime if needed.
  • system level thinking, an understanding that a bottleneck could be anywhere, SQL, Network, Web code, etc.
  • project management skills to work through company blockages to getting the data.
  • ability to work as a team member, both on the L&P team and within other devs, PMs and manager

source: http://www.perfwolf.com/The_Load_and_Performance_Teste/the_load_and_performance_teste.html


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