Hot Blackberry Application Download April 2014

Hi all,

back with me again with the latest Blackberry Application List that you may find interesting. This application list will be updated every month by me.

Blackberry OS (BB Curve, BB Bold):

  1. PicMix by Inovidea Magna Global, FREE
  2. Langit Musik by PT Melon Indonesia, FREE
  3. Amazing Pool by Conlex Labs LLP, FREE
  4. Easy Smiley Pack for BBM by S4BB Limited, FREE
  5. Nobex Radio by Nobex Technologies, FREE
  6. Photo Studio by KVADGroup, FREE
  7. Bubble Shooter by Ajani InfoTech Private Limited, FREE
  8. Free Solitaire by SolverLabs, FREE
  9. Pandas vs Ninjas by Ximad Inc, FREE
  10. Running Ninja – Urban Ninja: Paris, FREE

Blackberry 10 OS (Q10, Z10, Q30, etc):

  1. PicMix for BlackBerry 10 by InovIde, FREE
  2. Xploding Boxes by Ebscer, FREE
  3. Jetpack High by Chaos Interactive, FREE
  4. Elementals: The Magic Key by Atlantic Expert, FREE
  5. The BrainGear by Mark Kris, IDR 10,000
  6. Birdie by Ajani InfoTech Private Lmited, IDR 10,000
  7. Motion Avatars for BBM by DrunkEddyLabs, FREE
  8. Sheep Up! by Bad Seed Inc, IDR 10,000
  9. Photo Studio PRO by KVADGroup, USD 3.99
  10. Flappy Herbie Saga: Trolls of the Forest by Charilaos Kalogirou, FREE

In Indonesia, you can purchase the Blackberry Application by using Operator Credit (Pulsa). That service is provided by Telkomsel, XL, and Indosat, but I don’t know about 3 and SmartFren.



Bug on Minion Rush for iPhone 4 16 GB

My life as a software tester, sometimes, when I’m using a certain application, my behavior to that application is like doing a test in it, beside phone application, sometimes home appliances, and so forth. Yesterday, I played Minion Rush, created by Gameloft, on my iPhone 4, and at the same time, my friends sending me several conversations using whatsapp, and here goes the bug.

On Minion Rush, I was playing on El Macho’s Lair, at the sliding deck, at the same time three friends of mind sent messages through Whatsapp. I kept playing and ignore the message, however, although Minion had finished sliding, the character was behaving like it’s still on the sliding, even when it crushed with the green statue, it didn’t die. Here’s the screen shot.

Gtab ke WinXP sebagai External Drive

So, weekend ini gw struggling buat masukin ebook dari Laptop (Win XP SP3) ke Galaxy Tab 10.1 dan akhirnya nemu cara dari site Kaskus. Berikut ini adalah caranya:

  1. Download bahannya disini
  2. Ekstrak file yang sudah di download
  3. Jangan hubungkan gtab ke PC.
  4. Uninstall Samsung USB Driver (jika sebelumnya sudah pernah terinstall di PC). Restart PC.
  5. Install wmfdist11.exe (WMP 11 runtime library)
  6. Install umdf.exe (User-mode Driver Framework)
  7. Restart PC.
  8. Install SAMSUNG USB Driver v1.4.2.2.exe
  9. Restart PC
  10. Hubungkan gtab ke PC pakai kabel data. USB Debugging jangan di centang.

thanks to agan f4toni.


for full article about GTab 10.1 in Kaskus, find it here

Decision Coverage (White Box Testing)

After Passing the ISTQB-ISEB Foundation Certification, I consider to post about how to find out decision coverage percentage. Here is a case study:

There is a pseudocode:
Read Time
If Time 12 Then
print(Time-12, “pm”)
If Time = 12 Then
print(Time, “noon”)

If the test cases Time=11 and Time = 15 were input, what level of decision coverage would be achieved?

Let’s find out the solution of case study up there:

Take a look at first condition –> If Time if Time > 12 Then…
if Time = 11 then the first condition will be False. (3)
and if Time = 15 then the first condition will be True. (4)
So: Again, Both of possibility are fulfilled for the second condition.(2 results)

Okay, Let’s try the third condition –> if Time = 12 Then…
if Time = 11 then the first condition will be False. (5)
and if Time = 15 then the first condition will be False. (6)
For this condition, with Time=11 and Time=15, we only get False condition and there is no True condition. Because there is no True condition for those two test cases, we count the coverage as 1 (result is False only). (1 result)

So, Decision coverage would be achieved is (2 results + 2 results + 1 results) / (many possibilities) = 5/6

In order to get 100% Decision Coverage all possibilites of conditional statement must be fulfilled. By adding the Test Cases, Time = 12, Time = 11, and Time=15.

Feel free to ask me 🙂

Some useful addons for getting webpage parameter in Mozilla Firefox


because of what I’m doing is related to getting data and parameter from a web page. There are some useful plugins from Mozilla Firefox:


  • Inspect HTML and modify style and layout in real-time
  • Use the most advanced JavaScript debugger available for any browser
  • Accurately analyze network usage and performance
  • Extend Firebug and add features to make Firebug even more powerful
  • Get the information you need to get it done with Firebug.

you can get firebug: Here

you can get firebug as mozzila firefox addons: Here

Tamper Data

Use tamperdata to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters

you can get tamper data only for mozzila firefox addons: Here

Who is the load and performance tester?

Testers do the bulk of the “grunt” work needed to move your application towards better performance. They provide accurate measurements in a timely manner. The accuracy and relevancy of their tests helps drive Management, Developers and Production towards measurement-driven thinking. Engineering rather than guesswork. When the role of the tester is misunderstood then the sloppily executed, poorly reported, or untimely, slow to emerge test data is often thrown out and disregarded by the very groups it is intended to help.

Important qualities, therefore, for load and performance testers include:

  • a dedication to accuracy and precision
  • a sense that they are communicating to the entire organization, not only merely verifying their tests.
  • flexibility to work overtime if needed.
  • system level thinking, an understanding that a bottleneck could be anywhere, SQL, Network, Web code, etc.
  • project management skills to work through company blockages to getting the data.
  • ability to work as a team member, both on the L&P team and within other devs, PMs and manager