Cheap Backpacking to Singapore

Hello there, It’s been a long time that I haven’t shared any information on this blog. Now, I’d like to share my experience about visiting Singapore 3 days 2 nights to Singapore.

Well, this trip, I’d like to call it as a backpack trip, since I only brought a blue backpack, a regular school girl-backpack size. I went to Singapore using the most famous low cost airline, AirAsia Indonesia. My return fare from Jakarta, Indonesia to Singapore was cost me only for 440,000 IDR (44 USD), exclude Jakarta Airport Tax, very affordable, huh?

One thing to remember is that ask your Flight Attendant about Singapore Immigration card and remember to bring a pen, so that when you do your Immigration in Changi, you won’t spend many time. After Immigration is done, if you arrived at Terminal 3, you shall take Airport train to get you to the Terminal 2 (location where MRT to the City lied).

Don’t forget to bring an empty drink bottle and fill it up using tap water ๐Ÿ˜€ in the Airport ๐Ÿ˜€

Since I arrived at Changi before 10.00 AM Singapore time, the ticket office hadn’t yet opened, as a result, I needed to purchase a single trip MRT ticket, from Changi Airport to City Hall (ticket office opened in the morning). If you stay one-three days in Singapore, using Singapore Tourist Pass will give you so much advantage, for instance, you can get into MRT and bus as many as you want.

Singapore Tourist Pass Ticket for 3 days cost me: 30 SGD (20 SGD is the price, 10 SGD is deposit that you may get it back after returning the Singapore Tourist Pass).For more information, please visit :

How about the accommodation?

I stayed at River City Inn, located in Hong Kong Street, just get off at Clarke Quay MRT Station, go over the walking bridge and go to left so that you may find Hong Kong Street. River City Inn is the cleanest Hostel ever and they have amazing breakfast, especially the banana. I slept in mixed bed room that costed me around 36 SGD per night (10 dollars for deposit that will be returned after you check out). However, River City Inn location is on the third floor that you need to walk using the stairs ( a lil’ work out for me). If you want to book the River City Inn Hostel, I suggest you book as soon as possible, because It is always fully-booked. Here’s the link:


Next is my Itinerary:

Day 1:

  1. Arrive at the Changi, go to MRT ticket office, purchase Singapore Tourist Pass
  2. Check in at River City Inn Hostel and deposit the bag
  3. Have lunch at Bugis Street, noodle for only 2 SGD, do Shopping at Bugis Street (get off the MRT at Bugis Station and turn left as soon as you’re no longer in Bugis Junction), so many affordable necklace, bags, clothes, chocolates in here.
  4. Visit Orchard Road, ION Orchard, avoid the heat outside
  5. Back to River City Inn and take a bath
  6. Take an afternoon walk to Merlion (only 15 minutes from River City In), spend the night and have dinner at Merlion and Boat Quay

Day 2:

  1. Wake up very early (6 AM Singapore Time) and take a morning walk at Singapore Botanical Garden (get off at Botanical Garden MRT).
  2. Back to Hostel, take a bath, fill up drink bottle ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Have Lunch at Chinatown, try the inevitably delicious Laksa, cost me 4 SGD
  4. Go to Jurong East for shopping at Outlet Mall in Singapore.
  5. Go to Orchard ION for buying green tea macaroons at TWG.
  6. Go to Garden by the bay, this is around 6 PM, Singapore time and wait until 7 PM, you will see the most amazing light performance in there.
  7. Go to Esplanade on foot from Garden by the bay and enjoy the music and the Hawker Centre near there.
  8. Visit The Cookie Museum, they have the most amazing rose and raspberry tea and also the rose cookie is amazing. (visit:
  9. Get back to Hostel

Day 3:

  1. Since my flight will be at 03 PM Singapore Time, I shall be in the airport at 01 PM Singapore Time.
  2. Take a walk to Merlion and Clarke Quay in the morning, buy apple pie in McDonalds, for 1 SGD only.
  3. Go back to Hostel, packed up
  4. Go to Eunos and stopped by at VeganBurg, they have the most amazing burger ever. (visit: (get off at Eunos Station and go to the market and cross the street, you’ll see the VeganBurg Resto, they open at 1130 AM Singapore Time)
  5. Go to Changi Airport, clear Immigration, check in Air Asia Indonesia, and have lunch.

P.S: Prepare a very good shoes for walking, since you will do lots of walking; wear a cotton clothes and a thin cardigan or jacket because the sun is shiny everyday and the weather is hot; wear also hot pants, sun glasses and a cap/hat; bring SPF 24 hand body lotion less than 100 mL; bring your own towel and toothbrush; download Singapore MRT Map and save in your mobile phone, visit: ; download Singapore Map from AppStore or Google Play Store and download its offline map, they will be useful for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also Visit:

ColdStorage and purchase Milo, Milo in every country has different taste.

Expense Total:

Singapore Tourist Pass (deposit incl.) : 30 SGD

Hostel: 52 SGD + 10 SGD (deposit) = 62 SGD

Eating: 2 SGD + 7 SGD + 4 SGD+ 2 SGD = 15 SGD

Souvenirs: 20 SGD + 6 SGD = 26 SGD (dozens of chocolates and key chain haha)

Total: 133 SGD

Affordable, eh? Good Luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


Super cheap backpacker to Yogyakarta


It’s been a while yaa. A couple of weeks ago, me and my friend went to Yogyakarta and it costs so cheap just to get to Yogyakarta. Here are the details:

  1. return ticket per person is 350.000 IDR, we use Airasia ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. airport tax (Jakarta) and Yogyakarta = 40.000+35.000 = 75.000 IDR
  3. Backpacker Hotel incl. breakfast (Indonesian Fried Rice + Egg+ A cup of hot tea) is 40.000 IDR per night per person, its name’s Hotel Puspita, located near South Alun-alun, which is famous for the twin banyan tree. Phone: +62813 2811 4432
  4. Transportation in Yogya, we use TransJogja, only 3500 IDR, fyi, you need TransJogja map to find the nearest bus stop.
  5. Meal in Yogya is super cheap. You can find cheap traditional meal everywhere.

Before going to Yogya I visit, this site has so many information about what to visit in Yogyakarta and also where to stay, it also provides a great map.

#visiting Kota Tua Jakarta (Old Town Jakarta)

Hello there,

back again with a few travelling experiences. Along the Eid Mubarak Vacation, me and my friends visiting old town. We went to Museum Fatahilah Jakarta. And as you can guess, a lot of people inside of Museum Fatahilah.

Museum Fatahilah

A lot of new things inside of the Museum. Only a few pictures that I can take due too soooo many people.

Death Sentence Simulation

Old Town Building

So many old buildings there, which a few years ago still a standing old building, but now it’s used as a boutique. But here’s the picture of old buildings that’s still a-standing-old-building.

Old Building

The Inten Bridge a.k.a The Red Bridge

We’ve finally found out the inten bridge. It’s located near Batavia Hotel and it took few steps to go there from Museum Fatahilah and if you want to go there just ask, “where is jembatan inten?” to some people over there. Here, some pictures of the inten bridge.

The Inten Bridge

and this is my friend over the inten bridge.

my friend over The Inten Bridge

ย Museum Bahari

Okay, after we went to the inten bridge, we take some steps to go to Museum Bahari. FYI, Museum Bahari is located near Fish Market and it closes at 6.00 PM. You should go to Museum Bahari first then go to Inten Bridge (FYI, inten bridge is opened for 24 hours). It is cleaner in Museum Bahari than in Museum Fatahilah.

Red Tower

Inside of red tower, there is a stairs. we can go to the top of the tower and see the location around it. Fyi, there’s Sunda Kelapa harbor near Museum Bahari. But, unfortunately we didn’t reach Sunda Kelapa harbor.

in front of the red tower

share some happiness with local people.

happiness with local people

the former VOC warehouse

former VOC warehouse

Batavia Hotel

Batavia Hotel is the old hotel located near Inten Bridge, here’s the afternoon picture.

afternoon Batavia Hotel

and the night picture I took is fantastic.

night pic of batavia hotel

Okay, that’s all for the visiting old town. Next time, I’m planning to go to Bank Indonesia Museum, and some exciting places around Jakarta (not mall).

Thanks for Visiting my blog. Feel free to give comment ๐Ÿ™‚


vacation Bali day 3

Hello, it was my last day to go out in Bali. It was a very long trip (Sanur-Jimbaran-Uluwatu-Kuta)

Sanur Beach

I went to Sanur in the morning and unfortunately I was too late to catch the sun rise ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Sanur is sooo clean. I’ll post the photos later. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jimbaran Beach

After we went to Sanur, then we headed to Jimbaran Beach. It was very far from Sanur beach. It was not soo clean ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Jimbaran Beach

Uluwatu Temple

This is the most awesome place. We can see very beautiful panorama from here. Here’s a capture that I took ๐Ÿ™‚

Beautiful View from Uluwatu Temple

Kuta Beach

The last beach.. And unfortunately, it’s not as clean as I visited for my high school tour. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I wish local tourist kept their rubbish in the right place. Even there is a cleaning service don’t keen on them.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kuta Beach

vacation Bali day 2

Hello again, at the second day, I went to my grand pa home. And I found out a very big pig and its color is pink. (OMG, it was the first time of my life I saw pig).

Here’s the pinky pig.

Pinky pig

Funny story though, When I went to see the other pig, which was my grand pa neighbor’s pig, I was slipped and fell because of hearing the cow’s and pig’s sound. Here’s the gigantic pig which I suspected as the pinky pig’s husband.

pink pig's husband

vacation Bali day 1

Hello, it was my first day in Bali. Actually, I’m Balinese but I was born and live in Jakarta. After 7 years never go to Bali, on 27th ofย  March 2011 I landed my feet to Bali. (this is also my first flight)

Going to the cleanest river

Behind my grand mother’s house there’s a river. In order to reach the river we need to take a walk in a small forest. I never find such a clean river like this anywhere around Indonesia. Here’s a sneak peek of the clean river.

the cleanest river