Starbucks Indonesia Promo


on 22nd of April, one of my friend reminded me to bring Starbucks Tumblr.

Because in Indonesia, every 22nd on every month, if you bring Starbucks Tumblr to Starbucks, you will get 50% discount for your beverages normal price. In addition to that, I was signed up for Starbucks membership card like almost a year ago, a lot of benefit that you can get from being Starbucks membership card.

1. On your birthday, you can get free beverages once you buy food at Starbucks using your valid Starbucks card

2. Monthly special promo, for instance, buy 1 get 1 for certain beverages

3. you will get some amount of point for your purchasing. the points can be redeemed with free beverages.

Cool, right!

Just an Info ~ I wasn’t paid by Starbucks for promoting this 🙂


The IKEA Effect

No.. no.. this post is not about the post-visiting IKEA. It’s more than that 🙂

I would like to share about what I have during “Irrational Behaviour” class taught by Dan Ariely on One of the lecture talked about The IKEA Effect.

For those of you that never been to IKEA (the same as I am), IKEA is a place that sells many things, mostly furniture, however, unlike any furniture store in Indonesia that provides you with finished things and you just use it right away, the IKEA provides you with puzzled things so that you could build it on your own. One question may come up to your mind, so what is the IKEA Effect?

As I mentioned previously, let’s think of a scenario:

you went to IKEA, bought a table, then what you got is a bunch of woods that you needed to build on your own. Then, you went home, built those wood so that you could have “a-table” and then you told your mom “how cool your table is”. Subsequently, your mom saw your table and said “what is that? I can’t put my glass on the top of it”. Tadaaa…

Let’s hear the post-effect after your mom said “what is that? I can’t put my glass on the top of it”, you must be feel disappointed, bad, and so on. This is post-effect is what we called “The IKEA Effect”. How is that so?

The IKEA Effect is when you overvalue things you have created or made, but other people think it is not as good as you think.

Nevertheless, one should never underestimate things that one’s done. Most innovators never think about how good or bad it is, Innovators just do what they love to do, give their best effort to do it.

So, if you find something you love just do it at your best, may be you could be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, right!



An Interesting Story in the afternoon: Sitting and Listening to Penjual Pecel and Shoe-repair Man

This afternoon, right after tidying up my room, I went out to look for new bed
sheet and shoe-repair Man, since the shoes that I love was broken 3 weeks ago.
So, right at 2 PM, I drove my motorcycle around my complex and I met the shoe-
repair Man nearby the barbershop and he asked me to stop by near a woman, let
say, she is in her mid 50, she sells Indonesian vegetable salad.

Here is when the story begins.

At 2 PM in Jakarta, Indonesia, the sun is absolutely shining very bright
everyday. It was really-really hot so I decided to buy some drinks, since I
noticed both of shoe-repair man and Pecel Seller must had been walking for a
long time, I bought 2 bottles of energy drink water. After I got back, I sit
between them. I gave each of them the energy drink water. FYI, it costs just
like 3500 IDR per bottle, very affordable, huh. A shocking response was given to me after giving them the energy drink water, they said thankful like many-many times. Then, I was thinking, probably for worker like us, who earns enough money, 3500 IDR is kinda cheap, however, that means a lot for them.

Subsequently, I sit and the Pecel Seller started to share some stories to me.
First story was about her daughter who is a labour at roof-making company was
winning a motorcycle from door prize. I was happy for her too, despite her
difficulties of life, she still shared a happy story to me. Nevertheless, the
second story she told me was about her daughter’s husband was hospitalized due
to drinking poison that was stored inside of an orange juice bottle. She was
remarkably sad, since the hospitalized costed them around 4.500.000 IDR. 😦
But, thankfully, the son-in-law could make it, he is healthy by the time she
was telling the story to me. 🙂

And the story with Pecel seller is stopped due to one buyer came and bought her
pecel-and another buyer came up-until there were like 3 buyers, hopefully, I
could be her lucky charm, hihihihih..

And, let’s move to the shoe-repair Man.

In the middle of repairing my shoes, his cell-phone was ringing, he picked up
the phone, and said something about 350,000 IDR. after he hung up the phone, he
told me the story that he has been staying and working in Jakarta for about 40
days. Before working to Jakarta he was a farmer in Garut, and his wife calling
him to manage his farm and pay 350,000 IDR. He was like sad, yet still could
smile because on next 15 he will be back to Garut, meet his wife and kids. And
he told me that he is probaby will stay in Garut and continue managing the
farm, since he couldn’t get much money in Jakarta :(.

Story today, I was reminded by God, probably 3500 or 350,000 IDR is affordable
for us, however, for those people, that mount of money is still much. That’s
when I thanked God for giving such a generous life to me and still can meet
those people to remind me to be thankful and keep praying for their lives, so
that they will have a good life :).

P.S: while talking to them, I paid attention to their eyes to show respect, and
I also threw some jokes so that they laugh hahahah :p. Although I was stared by
people who walked pass by us 😀

God Bless,


Clearing up turmeric stain on your blender tips!

This morning, before I wanted to make blueberry and raspberry smoothie, I looked for my mom’s blender, and found out it has a very deep stain of turmeric in it. I was confuse, how to make that blender clean again. Then, I tried to clean it using Nitric Acid, but it didn’t work. So, I used a cloth bleaching/whitener, and I steeped the blender blades inside of the bowl that full of cloth bleaching/whitener.

After 15 minutes, I cleaned using plate cleaner detergent the blender blades and it turned out to be really clean and white, like the new one. Before you use the blender, It’s really necessary to blend a fistful of rice without any water, so that It will vanish the bleaching smell.

Hope this tips will be helpful 😉


Sing all ye joy…

Sing all ye joyful, now sing all together!
The wind’s in the tree-top, the wind’s in the heather;
The stars are in blossom, the moon is in flower,
And bright are the windows of Night in her tower.

It’s just an excerpt of song by Elves from The Hobbit book. Well, utterly speaking, reading that just makes my imaginations do an exuberant dancing, as though the real dancing happened under the stars with a very enormous and yellowish moon like smiling to us from above, as if they were smiling and dancing with us.

Pengambilan Passport Diwakilkan

Kemarin dikarenakan kesibukan kantor, akhirnya paspor yang telah jadi pun saya minta tolong diambilkan kepada adik saya. Untuk mengambil paspor yang diwakilkan, wajib membuat surat kuasa dan ditandatangani oleh kita yang memberikan kuasa di atas materai 6000.

Untuk mengambil passport yang diwakilkan harus membawa 2 berkas:

  1. surat kuasa
  2. kwitansi asli pembayaran yang telah dicap untuk tanggal pengambilannya

Berikut ini ada format surat kuasa yang telah saya buat. Kebetulan, Kantor imigrasi tempat saya mengambil itu di Tangerang. Mohon disesuaikan alamatnya.

untuk file type *.docx, link di bawah ini:

Surat Kuasa Pengambilan Passport

untuk file type *.doc, link di bawah ini:

Surat Kuasa Pengambilan Passport

IELTS: another battle

After spending 3 months struggling on IELTS mock up on my on, I got my IELTS result, right on my birthday.

Overall Score: 7.5Reading: 8.5 (very surprisig), Listening: 8.0, Writing: 6.5, and Speaking: 7.0

Tips and Trick for Reading: Do as much as possible mock up reading test with the timer (20 minutes)

Tips and Trick for Listening: Listen as much as possible to English music, watch BBC world news, and watch movies without any Bahasa subtitle.

Tips and trick for Speaking: Practice in front of the mirror, record your speaking and listen on your own, practice with someone that is great in speaking English. Last but not least, remember as many idioms as possible.

Tips and trick for Writing: hmm, this is quite hard. Since, I’m not good enough at writing. Learn grammar and complex words. Learn how to write with structure.