#15 Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Hey Folks,

What a very bright day, isn’t it? I decided to make Raspberry Banana Smoothie to keep the heat in my body away. It’s a very simple, yet healthy drink in the afternoon.

All you need: Half of banana, a cup of blueberry, and half of one glass-sized ice.

whoops. there is a cup of raspberry on the photo, that I’d like to explain later.

Add ice, half of banana, and a cup of blueberry into the blender/juicer.

blend for like 2 minutes,  and here’s the result.

sorry for the result, I edited because of the low light inside of my house.

P.S: Since the banana and blueberries are sweet, there is no need to add any sugar.


Bug on Minion Rush for iPhone 4 16 GB

My life as a software tester, sometimes, when I’m using a certain application, my behavior to that application is like doing a test in it, beside phone application, sometimes home appliances, and so forth. Yesterday, I played Minion Rush, created by Gameloft, on my iPhone 4, and at the same time, my friends sending me several conversations using whatsapp, and here goes the bug.

On Minion Rush, I was playing on El Macho’s Lair, at the sliding deck, at the same time three friends of mind sent messages through Whatsapp. I kept playing and ignore the message, however, although Minion had finished sliding, the character was behaving like it’s still on the sliding, even when it crushed with the green statue, it didn’t die. Here’s the screen shot.

#14 visiting Torico at f(x), Senayan, Jakarta

Wondering, what is Torico? well, Torico is a Japanese restaurant, they are located at F(x) Mall at Senayan, if you want to get to f(X) mall by busway, just stop by at GBK Shelter and then take the right turn on the bridge, just a few meters walk then you could find F(x) mall. Okay, enough about the direction, let’s talk about the Torico.

Torico is like the most affordable Japanese restaurant that I’ve ever been to, they have their Sushi Roll at a very reasonable price, don’t worry about the taste, if you are a sushi lover, you’re gonna love their Sushi. For those who don’t like a raw meat inside of their Sushi, Torico provides you sushi with fully-cooked fish/chicken/meat. Beside Sushi, they have Ramen; their Ramen is very tasteful, especially when you are choosing the Spicy Sauce, they also have the rice with chicken/meat/salmon and mixed with vegetable and teriyaki sauce.

The price range is mostly under IDR 30,000 (USD 3.0).

P.S: If you order their hot/cold green tea, don’t forget to ask the refill 😉

Here are some pictures:

The Fried Rice

The Ramen

The Sushi Roll

The Chicken with vegetables

thanks for visiting my blog 😉

#13 visiting QQ Kopitiam at f(x) Senayan

If you love to hang out and have a cup of tea, along with light snacks, you should spend out your time at QQ Kopitiam. It has their own specific place for those who smoke and those who don’t. Beside its great place, QQ Kopitiam also has a great service most of the waitress and waiter serve us with smile and they even could remember our order without taking any note.

For those who come from Medan, North Sumatra, you’re probably know about “Mie Sop Baso”, yes, QQ Kopitiam has almost-similar taste to one in Medan.

How about the price? Is it fairly expensive? Nah, It’s really affordable, everything is under 50,000 IDR  (USD 5.00). Well, another good thing about QQ Kopitiam is that if you don’t want to have a full plate of meal, you can order their light meal, and likely only costs about under 30,000 IDR.

P.S: You should order their Fried Banana with Kaya Jam and their Kaya Toast are tasted so luscious.

Here are some pictures:

The Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast

The Fried Rice

The Fried Banana with Kaya Jam

The Mie Sop Baso


#12 enjoying Raja Pancake, Pancake Durian Medan in Jakarta

If you want to taste durian pancake with the almost-equally-similar taste to durian pancake in Medan, durian pancake by Raja Pancake probably is a great choice for you. Beside it gives you the most affordable price, only 12,000 IDR / USD 1.2 per piece, their packaging is clean and presentable.

Where can you find this Raja Pancake, just go to Plaza Semanggi in Central Jakarta, it’s located on 3A floor, in front of Loving Hut Restaurant. Here’s the picture of the Raja Pancake Durian, Enjoy!


Sing all ye joy…

Sing all ye joyful, now sing all together!
The wind’s in the tree-top, the wind’s in the heather;
The stars are in blossom, the moon is in flower,
And bright are the windows of Night in her tower.

It’s just an excerpt of song by Elves from The Hobbit book. Well, utterly speaking, reading that just makes my imaginations do an exuberant dancing, as though the real dancing happened under the stars with a very enormous and yellowish moon like smiling to us from above, as if they were smiling and dancing with us.

Cheap Backpacking to Singapore

Hello there, It’s been a long time that I haven’t shared any information on this blog. Now, I’d like to share my experience about visiting Singapore 3 days 2 nights to Singapore.

Well, this trip, I’d like to call it as a backpack trip, since I only brought a blue backpack, a regular school girl-backpack size. I went to Singapore using the most famous low cost airline, AirAsia Indonesia. My return fare from Jakarta, Indonesia to Singapore was cost me only for 440,000 IDR (44 USD), exclude Jakarta Airport Tax, very affordable, huh?

One thing to remember is that ask your Flight Attendant about Singapore Immigration card and remember to bring a pen, so that when you do your Immigration in Changi, you won’t spend many time. After Immigration is done, if you arrived at Terminal 3, you shall take Airport train to get you to the Terminal 2 (location where MRT to the City lied).

Don’t forget to bring an empty drink bottle and fill it up using tap water 😀 in the Airport 😀

Since I arrived at Changi before 10.00 AM Singapore time, the ticket office hadn’t yet opened, as a result, I needed to purchase a single trip MRT ticket, from Changi Airport to City Hall (ticket office opened in the morning). If you stay one-three days in Singapore, using Singapore Tourist Pass will give you so much advantage, for instance, you can get into MRT and bus as many as you want.

Singapore Tourist Pass Ticket for 3 days cost me: 30 SGD (20 SGD is the price, 10 SGD is deposit that you may get it back after returning the Singapore Tourist Pass).For more information, please visit : http://www.thesingaporetouristpass.com.sg/

How about the accommodation?

I stayed at River City Inn, located in Hong Kong Street, just get off at Clarke Quay MRT Station, go over the walking bridge and go to left so that you may find Hong Kong Street. River City Inn is the cleanest Hostel ever and they have amazing breakfast, especially the banana. I slept in mixed bed room that costed me around 36 SGD per night (10 dollars for deposit that will be returned after you check out). However, River City Inn location is on the third floor that you need to walk using the stairs ( a lil’ work out for me). If you want to book the River City Inn Hostel, I suggest you book as soon as possible, because It is always fully-booked. Here’s the link: http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/River-City-Inn/Singapore/43583

or http://www.rivercityinn.com/

Next is my Itinerary:

Day 1:

  1. Arrive at the Changi, go to MRT ticket office, purchase Singapore Tourist Pass
  2. Check in at River City Inn Hostel and deposit the bag
  3. Have lunch at Bugis Street, noodle for only 2 SGD, do Shopping at Bugis Street (get off the MRT at Bugis Station and turn left as soon as you’re no longer in Bugis Junction), so many affordable necklace, bags, clothes, chocolates in here.
  4. Visit Orchard Road, ION Orchard, avoid the heat outside
  5. Back to River City Inn and take a bath
  6. Take an afternoon walk to Merlion (only 15 minutes from River City In), spend the night and have dinner at Merlion and Boat Quay

Day 2:

  1. Wake up very early (6 AM Singapore Time) and take a morning walk at Singapore Botanical Garden (get off at Botanical Garden MRT).
  2. Back to Hostel, take a bath, fill up drink bottle 😀
  3. Have Lunch at Chinatown, try the inevitably delicious Laksa, cost me 4 SGD
  4. Go to Jurong East for shopping at Outlet Mall in Singapore.
  5. Go to Orchard ION for buying green tea macaroons at TWG.
  6. Go to Garden by the bay, this is around 6 PM, Singapore time and wait until 7 PM, you will see the most amazing light performance in there.
  7. Go to Esplanade on foot from Garden by the bay and enjoy the music and the Hawker Centre near there.
  8. Visit The Cookie Museum, they have the most amazing rose and raspberry tea and also the rose cookie is amazing. (visit: http://www.thecookiemuseum.com)
  9. Get back to Hostel

Day 3:

  1. Since my flight will be at 03 PM Singapore Time, I shall be in the airport at 01 PM Singapore Time.
  2. Take a walk to Merlion and Clarke Quay in the morning, buy apple pie in McDonalds, for 1 SGD only.
  3. Go back to Hostel, packed up
  4. Go to Eunos and stopped by at VeganBurg, they have the most amazing burger ever. (visit: http://www.veganburg.com/menu/) (get off at Eunos Station and go to the market and cross the street, you’ll see the VeganBurg Resto, they open at 1130 AM Singapore Time)
  5. Go to Changi Airport, clear Immigration, check in Air Asia Indonesia, and have lunch.

P.S: Prepare a very good shoes for walking, since you will do lots of walking; wear a cotton clothes and a thin cardigan or jacket because the sun is shiny everyday and the weather is hot; wear also hot pants, sun glasses and a cap/hat; bring SPF 24 hand body lotion less than 100 mL; bring your own towel and toothbrush; download Singapore MRT Map and save in your mobile phone, visit: http://www.smrt.com.sg/Portals/0/PDFs/Trains/Network_Map_100112.pdf ; download Singapore Map from AppStore or Google Play Store and download its offline map, they will be useful for you 😉

Also Visit:

ColdStorage and purchase Milo, Milo in every country has different taste.

Expense Total:

Singapore Tourist Pass (deposit incl.) : 30 SGD

Hostel: 52 SGD + 10 SGD (deposit) = 62 SGD

Eating: 2 SGD + 7 SGD + 4 SGD+ 2 SGD = 15 SGD

Souvenirs: 20 SGD + 6 SGD = 26 SGD (dozens of chocolates and key chain haha)

Total: 133 SGD

Affordable, eh? Good Luck 😉