Starbucks Indonesia Promo


on 22nd of April, one of my friend reminded me to bring Starbucks Tumblr.

Because in Indonesia, every 22nd on every month, if you bring Starbucks Tumblr to Starbucks, you will get 50% discount for your beverages normal price. In addition to that, I was signed up for Starbucks membership card like almost a year ago, a lot of benefit that you can get from being Starbucks membership card.

1. On your birthday, you can get free beverages once you buy food at Starbucks using your valid Starbucks card

2. Monthly special promo, for instance, buy 1 get 1 for certain beverages

3. you will get some amount of point for your purchasing. the points can be redeemed with free beverages.

Cool, right!

Just an Info ~ I wasn’t paid by Starbucks for promoting this 🙂