Clearing up turmeric stain on your blender tips!

This morning, before I wanted to make blueberry and raspberry smoothie, I looked for my mom’s blender, and found out it has a very deep stain of turmeric in it. I was confuse, how to make that blender clean again. Then, I tried to clean it using Nitric Acid, but it didn’t work. So, I used a cloth bleaching/whitener, and I steeped the blender blades inside of the bowl that full of cloth bleaching/whitener.

After 15 minutes, I cleaned using plate cleaner detergent the blender blades and it turned out to be really clean and white, like the new one. Before you use the blender, It’s really necessary to blend a fistful of rice without any water, so that It will vanish the bleaching smell.

Hope this tips will be helpful 😉